The Perfect Pay technology platform.

Perfect Pay is delivered as an integrated product. The component includes all required hardware and software and is designed to withstand casino table operations. Felt board changes are as simple as your current procedure.

Perfect Pay works with your current PJM 13.56 MHz RFID gaming chips, any card-reading shoe, and your existing trend display, pit, and table-side hardware. Perfect Pay data can also be integrated to your existing data warehouse or enterprise reporting solutions. Options for integration to casino management systems are available and virtually any furniture design can be accommodated with your existing look, feel, branding and materials.

PJM3.0™ – the world’s most trusted RFID chip technology.

PJM3.0™ is the gaming industry’s fastest RFID technology, with a reliable and proven read rate of 1,200 chips per second – three times as fast as any other RFID chip technology.

For mission-critical data collection and flawless currency control, PJM3.0™ RFID is the global standard in hundreds of casinos, supported by mature and sophisticated applications that deliver both ironclad counterfeit protection and total game integrity.

PJM3.0™ 8-channel RFID readers and antennas are the proven solution for cage and table game applications.

PJM3.0™ Licensed Suppliers

Authorized PJM3.0™ suppliers include leading casino suppliers with a worldwide presence including:
Abbiati Casino Equipment, Aruze Gaming, Genesis Gaming Solutions, and Matsui Gaming.

Abbiati Casino Equipment is a casino equipment manufacturer with a full turnkey solution to the casino industry including security chips, plaques and jetons, American and European roulette wheels, tables, displays, chairs, layouts, cards and gaming accessories.

Abbiati Casino Equipment

Aruze Gaming designs, develops, and manufactures innovative slot machines and gaming devices for the global casino market including casino chips, high-resolution video and stepper slot machines, communal gaming products, and multi-terminal devices.

Aruze Gaming

Genesis Gaming Solutions develops hardware and software solutions for casino pit and poker room management and player tracking operations, offering a full line of table game products including custom-built gaming tables and furniture, high-quality casino chips, precision dice, playing cards, table layouts, roulette wheels, roulette and baccarat displays, and table game accessories.

Genesis Gaming Solutions

Matsui Gaming, with a head office in Tokyo, manufacturing plant in Japan and Korea, and five offices strategically positioned around the globe, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of live table gaming equipment.

Matsui Gaming