Tools for Smart and Strategic Table Operations

Perfect Pay outperforms casino baccarat tables in the key areas of accuracy, operating efficiency, and game integrity. Foremost, enhanced efficiencies increase revenue through increased game speed and decreased operating expenses. Automated bet-by-bet tracking features offer unprecedented insights into player behavior and value. Because game protection is built into the system, it is almost impossible for play to proceed without accurate dealer transactions and correct game play.

Operating Efficiency

  • Automated and exact player ratings
  • Streamlined chip stacking and counting
  • Accurate game play, payments and commissions
  • Timely and actionable staff performance feedback


  • True knowledge of player value
  • Real-time win/loss by player, shoe, table, or pit
  • Support for data-driven loyalty programs, reinvestment models, and marketing offers
  • Optimized floor performance with real-time occupancy, game speed, and win/loss

Game Integrity

  • Real-time alerts sent to operations and surveillance
  • Real-time, on-table chip validation
  • Accurate view of chips in action regardless of camera angles
  • Table limit enforcement with alerts for capping, pinching, and past-posting

Let us show you how much Perfect Pay will improve your operation

WDTS can provide a custom analysis with time to breakeven and targeted opportunities for revenue gains and cost savings.

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