The world’s most advanced gaming table now includes 
The industry’s most intelligent chip tray

Count, track and balance table inventories and and chip transactions with perfect accuracy and astonishing speed with PJM technology that turns the tables on existing chip trays. The Perfect Pay™ table continuously monitors every chip in its 1,300 chip capacity, dual-level tray using PJM3.0 – the industry’s most powerful RFID chip tracking technology.

Delivering Accuracy, Efficiency and Integrity

By electronically validating every chip that goes into and out of the tray, the Perfect Pay Chip Tray tracks table inventory with perfect accuracy, alerting you immediately if there is a variance between expected and actual chip levels. The tray’s security features automatically detect any errors, over-payments or missing chips. Continual tray scans assure chip security even during idle times and while a table is closed. Each scan counts and reports on every chip in the tray in seconds, virtually eliminating time spent on manual inventory management.

Key Features

  • Chip inventory counts are completed in seconds with perfect reliability and accuracy
  • Tray balance verified at the end of every game against bets booked and game outcomes
  • Inventory details are displayed in the tableside application and at pit, cage and other casino locations
  • Continuous chip monitoring alerts operator to errors or discrepancies
  • Scan-time intervals and variance threshold alert levels are configurable

Operator Benefits

  • Eliminate time spent on manual chip counts
  • Access current float and table performance data throughout the day from any location
  • Detect tray errors and chip theft as soon as they occur
  • Know that losing bets are taken and commissions owed are paid
  • Ensure that fill and credit transactions are accurate and complete
  • Speed investigations with complete traceability of chip movements

Flexible Data Views

The Perfect Pay Chip Tray’s user interface generates an up-to-date and dynamic visualization of chip inventory on the table. The inventory view displays real time chip counts and values by denomination, chip set and tray location, with detailed historical views for each inventory scan, fill, credit, opener and closer recorded for the table.